Joe Maiato (AKA DJ Meatball)


Being a life long lover of music and the full aspects of the entertainment that comes along with it has been a long time passion. Listening to the available music from his Parents and Grandparents in all classic form factors always made my childhood fun.

Getting older, going out to more areas of Southern New England. Listening to bands of all formats, kept my love of all music growing further. When of age I started going out to the nightclub of local Providence… so many to mention. That’s when I fell in love with what the person was doing, that was the DJ. Seeing how they moved the people, made it so exciting… I had to be part that fun. So I started in my mid 1990’s. Bought my first two turntables and a mixer. (Thank You Radio Shack). Started practicing 2 to 3 hours per day at home. The rest is history.

While that started. I got the opportunity to start working in radio (WWKX Providence, better known then as KIX 106… now known as HOT 106) in mid 1992. Started my knowledge of programming, along how to use the microphone… best tools learned in my radio profession. Helping in many parts of the station. Went onto becoming Mix Show Coordinator. Getting my own program known as Meatballs Madd House, for many years. All this allowed me to perform in local Night Clubs within Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Southern Florida.

Having so many people that came to enjoy me entertain in nightclubs. I was then asked if I could DJ their wedding/s, from those very same people that came to party. After many years as a Disc Jockey/MC and all well rounded entertainer for many events. I took that knowledge and started MTB Entertainment.

Knowing many generous of music from 1950’s to today’s hits. I’m helping with the planning process to run smoothly and easy with every aspect of your needs making it a memorable day.

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